Thursday, November 4, 2010


The Connecticut State CX championships are coming in a little over two weeks. I had the good fortune of doing a little reconnaissance on Wednesday (Thank you Hunter and Joe!).
After Joe took a leaf blower to the "Hill People's" hill, I was able to ride it.
Hunter from Cheshire Cycles thought they should make it either harder so no one could ride it or easier so everyone could ride it.
I want it just hard enough so I can ride it but none of the other geezers I'm racing can.
Here's a preview of coming attractions:


Mookie said...

Did they get rid of the 2 big logs? If not, I'd like to watch your technique getting over 'em with ss.

CB2 said...

There were no logs and I was riding a 1x9.
If I do the ss race I'll run about a 56" gear (on my mtb) and probably have to run it. Maybe not; for a mtb climb it doesn't seem too steep.

Mookie said...
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Mookie said...

There usually is a pretty high log at the very foot of the climb and another at a funky angle about halfway up. I should be able to get up it with 42x28 no problem then.