Monday, November 22, 2010

Turn around; I heart mountain bikes!

Last Sunday I started out on a mini TdT to make up for the big fat DNF I got at Moser Farm. After flatting and my pump giving up the ghost it seemed my luck wasn't getting any better.
Friday I decided I had to revisit that plan. Saw Craig and Rocketman up on the Blue, and add the green to my usual route (the green trail you stoner).
Saturday I was skipping the CT State Championships so alleged college prep work could be done. Honestly though, after my ride Friday I was psyched to be getting another mountain bike ride in. Headed out at first light, met up with CB1, then hooked up with Brian P for abit. As we were riding it occurred to me that the person for whom I was skipping the CTCX champs for would not even be out of bed until long after my race was over, but that was okay, because I was having too much fun.
Sunday there was again talk of college prep, and home work, and how we were bad parents for not bringing the children kicking and screaming to church, so again I was up and out even earlier than I cared to be so I could squeak in a quick one.
After cramming as much as possible into Sunday morning, Quinny and I had the afternoon free to revisit Penwood. I always marvel at how different the trails are at walking pace.
There aren't many chances left to race this season, and I think I'm very okay with that. Next year I'm going to take a different approach to the cross season. I spent too much time working on fundamentals and not enough time riding. Riding = fun; practicing dismounts and running = not so much.


TJ said...

So does this mean the geared Kite experiment is over with???

CB2 said...

You'll see soon enough.