Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just a few notes

Wait! I was loving life on Sunday riding Maxxis Aspens, fairly minimal xc race tires ( until I tore a sidewall), so why am I running such huge meats a couple of days later?
It hasn't snowed or really changed out there.
No need for such overkill.
So when I was waiting for Stripper #69 (it's a mold cleaner/release wax) to dry, I did a quick switch. Good old Ignitor / Crossmark combo pack.
Much better. The smaller front tire actually is easier on my hand (go figure?).
I'll save the big boys for when there is actually snow.

Clearing deadfall is a good time to take a break and take a drink. That is if you remember your water bottles.
Doh! Haven't done that in a while. Ironically I saw a bottle on the trail, but that's kind if scary.

Finally, I saw a couple guys out on the trails; they looked miserable. I don't like to do things that make me miserable.


TJ said...

Are you running the ignitor front or rear?

CB2 said...

Ignitor goes up front.