Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just Desserts

I had an hourly goal for this long weekend of giving thanks. Including the actual day of thanks, I was looking for 8+ hours.
Things started out on the right foot, with just over 2 on Thursday.
Black Friday is traditionally a big mileage day, but due to a little precipitation and miscommunication, I came up a little short of my expectations.
That's okay I thought, I'll just catch up on Saturday.
Home and auto improvements ate away the day until the sun was low. Usually I'd have gone out first thing, but had to meet a customer at 10:00 AM, not really leaving me enough time before hand.
So Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Mountain Biking Mileage Action!
I did a TdT with the green trail.
Looking at the thermometer on my house I dressed for freezing temperatures. 15 minutes in I realized that was a mistake. Fortunately for me I ran into CB1 and his merry band finishing their 8:00 AM ride. He was gracious enough to take a layer from me and even so good as to deliver it to my house.
I'm all in favor of sharing the trail (since more than likely mountain bikers would be the ones excluded if we didn't), and it was great to see so many people out hiking, but why is it always at the most technical spots?
Riding with gears has had some positive effects, like being able to climb technical stuff that I just can't do on the single speed. As I was nearing the chimney, the turn around point, I realized my ride had been dab / walk free to that which point I got hung up on the simplest of rocks.
If Garmin is correct, gears are slower for me on a ride like the TdT than singlespeed. But I think Garmin is fooked, because I'm pretty sure this ride wasn't as long as today's although Garmin has it being 2 miles longer.
But it was a great ride, and sure made up for missing a ride on as nice of a day as Saturday.
Unfortunately, I came out about 40 minutes short of my goal.
Guess I'll have to find some way to make it up!

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