Thursday, October 29, 2009

End of the Month, End Of DST

It's the end of the month and that means one thing; time to deliver some sinks so I can get paid!

It works out well that things slow down just a touch in the last week of the month, probably because everyone is starting to think about paying their rent or mortgage, so I can carve large hunks of time out of the afternoon to make super-sized delivery loops.

It's most important to have your delivery loop end near somewhere good to ride, today for instance my last stop was scheduled for 3:30 PM on the West side of West Hartford, which just so happens to be where my home away from home is.

3:30 PM should work out perfect I thought. Unload the vanity top, polite chit-chat while the lady of the house pays me (cash, thank you), and be at the Res. by 3:45 PM.

Unfortunately her sense of time wasn't as acute as mine. Doesn't she realize this is going to be one of my last after work rides without lights? What's wrong with her! Didn't she notice how the weatherman screwed the pooch again and messed up my whole weekly riding schedule? The nerve!

Screw it! It's 3:47 PM, and the sun is sinking fast, I'll try again tomorrow.

Pull out of her driveway only to be stopped by housewives talking in the middle of the street. They keep looking at me, gesturing that they are going to get out of the road, yet the don't do it? Finally the seas of estrogen part and I'm on my way.

To riding my bike that is. That's what this is supposed to be about.

I'm a little concerned of something wicked coming my way beneath the blanket of leaves so I'm running my tires on the hard side for me (25 PSI).

Leaves don't only hide rocks and roots, but puddles. More like ponds in some cases. Remember that part about the weatherman? I've go to wonder if I'm bouncing around so much due to what's under the leaves or my over inflated tires?

The sun is getting low as I hit the Western ridge. The abstract beauty of the leaves and light is breathtaking. I'd illustrate this with a picture, but of course in the rush to get to the trails I don't have anything to take a picture with. Close your eyes and use your imagination. Isn't that pretty?

I was contemplating putting the"not race wheels" on the Fun Machine and hitting the road tomorrow, but now I don't know. How many more days like this will I have on the trails this year?

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