Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Too Many MTB Blogs

I was at a bookstore the other day borrowing a copy of Mountain Bike while I drank a coffee. At the back there was a graph of what's hot and what's not. Their presumption was there are way too many mtb blogs.
I disagree; I don't think there are enough.
Maybe the percentage of readable to self absorbed babble is a little skewed, but I could use a few more good reads.
Whether it's Monday and I want to see how everyone's race went, sometimes comparing my race experience with theirs, other times living vicariously through them.
Sometimes I want to try and get the lowdown on a course I haven't ridden so I have a clue as to how to gear or what tires to run. Or read about place I've never been, or foods I'll never eat (ever).
Sometimes I just want a good laugh, or commiserate with my fellow riders experiences.
So help me out here; keep 'em coming!


the unkown rider said...

Come visit me!

Couldn't agree more regarding a lack of blogs. I get excited on days when 5 or 6 people have updated and I get to read about what they are doing. The more the merrier.

Also, Check out this guy if you aren't following him already. He is in the middle of an epic photo-documentary bike packing adventure. Great read

James said...

Just posted one for you!

I'm hoping you can make it to Cheshire at least. Bring your single speed mtb!

CB2 said...

'bout time

Manicmtbr said...

The problem here is Facebook. Folks do not blog much because Facebook took the place of blogging. (from a guy who does not "do" facebook, yet never updates his blog either).

Rigidnsingle said...

since discovering the blog world I havent bothered with a message board in months. Besides mountain bike mag is probably pissed your sitting at barns and nobles reading for free.
Poaching mags also, sweet

CB2 said...

Hey I bought the coffee; it's like renting the magazine!

Alex Hutchinson said...

I use Facebook as way to let people know that I have updated my MTB blog. It helps that some of my online friends are also mountain bikers.