Thursday, October 22, 2009

4 Days

The phone rings at lunch, its my wife. "Did Lillian tell you she is performing in a play tonight?" she asks. Why no she didn't and thank you for the 4 hours notice.
Usually the chance to see my children display their gifts for the arts is something I relish, but on 4 hours notice after not riding the previous 3 days due to work and weather put a damper on my enthusiasm. Lillian is quite dramatic, and this would be her debut as a thespian (I said thespian you jerk!) but why tonight?
That got me thinking, to most people not being able to ride a bike for 4 days probably isn't that big a deal. A lot of people are probably happy to get out one day on the weekend, and if really lucky sneak in a second.
But for us it's almost like a drug. Our mood is effected by it, and we can physically feel the lethargy in our bodies. The most important part of the news is the weather and how it will effect our riding. For me the most important thing W did when in office was declare as a nation we should exercise an hour a day.
I don't know about you, but I have rides plotted out in my head a week in advance, calculating the time and mileage I'll be able to get in and even a estimated weekly total / goal.
Maybe a few days off is good thing. I can't remember the last time I took more than two consecutive days off in like the last 4 years.
Maybe I'll feel refreshed riding tonight? Rest days are good, right? But oh yes I will ride tonight, hill or high water I will ride.

For the record, Lillian was wonderful in her portrayal of "Pat the stage hand" in "After Ever After". Glad I went.

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Mookie said...

Great. You're going to be fresh as a daisy. Can't wait to chase after you for 2 hours.