Monday, October 19, 2009

Back Burner

Well the gears are back in the box... for now at least. Maybe mostly so I can stop "racing" myself and just enjoy riding for awhile.
I'd have my eye glued to the computer, checking splits, doing math; "How fast will I have to ride this next mile to bring my average up to X?". Which is totally redundant.
My shock needs rebuilding too I think, which didn't exactly enhance my hardtail experience either. It would ride way down half in its travel, not bottoming but riding harshly.
I have to ask myself "what's the point?", and I really can't come up with a good answer.
Maybe with my race season over, I'm just bored and floundering around without velo-specificity or direction or something like that.
I think if I had two bikes having one set up as a geared HT, and one a rigid SS would be the way to go. But with only one, it's gotta be SS. I think.
In related news, I'm typing this after work because for a change my work schedule actually interfered with my ride schedule this week. Usually this would be something of a bummer, but I'll take it where I can get it.
In secret news, I was clued me in on a trail. Great potential for loop enhancement. Word on the street is this enhanced loop might be enhanced as well.
In not so related news, when did Green Day begin to suck so bad? My daughter pointed them out in the car the other day saying how their song 21 Guns is popular at her school.
Just so you know, I've installed high tech software to track if you clicked on the link to Green Day's song. If you did, I'll be over to beat you with Black Flag lps until you see the error of your ways.
Now go ride your bike.


Mookie said...

"Velo-specificity". Love it.

Todd H. said...

Where is the "secret loop"?

I was just reading an article on Green Day the other day with reviews from around the country calling them this generation's Springsteen. What's the world coming too?

CB2 said...

I've said too much already...

Anonymous said...

Singlespeed are very addictive. I hear there is a 7 step program to quit them. I can tell you that after a year of not racing my singlespeed, I seem to be cured. And it did make me a better racer. For years, I convinced myself there is no way I would be slower on a SS, but the reality is while I may not be slower on a SS, I can be much faster on a geared bike. That is, I may not not be, but the potential to be faster is there with gears. Rigid VS Suspension is a whole 'nother issue, but I can say my wrists do not hurt with a suspension fork. Cannot say the same for rigid.

WV = "dingle" Really!

CB2 said...

You might have a point there Anonymous. I think the muscle group is slightly different when you're riding with gears and I'd need to develop those more if I was going to make the switch for 2010.