Monday, June 13, 2011

Whatever they were feeding that boy at school, it's working.

Our firstest child graduated high school on Friday.  The ensuing Festival of all things "the Dude" left me in something of a cycling deficit.

I had big plans, I fell short.

Between making up for lost time at work, and recovering from 2 days of buffets, cookouts, and the most beautiful spread of sweets you could possibly imagine (sorry no photos so you'll have to use your imagination), I surrendered to a certain slothfulness.
Since I wasn't riding I did take it upon myself to replace the bottom bracket in the Fun Machine.  The old one felt great.  Freely spinning with a buttery smoothness and no detectable play, but standing on the pedals it sounded crunchy.  Because it felt so good, I went hunting for the noise elsewhere.  New cog, chain, overhauled the pedals.  After each of these repairs, the noise would subsist for a bit, usually the 15.4 miles to work, but then on the return trip would be back with a vengeance.


So Saturday I replaced the beautiful, seemingly functional
Camp-ee-know-low unit with a pedestrian Origin 8.
I wanted to give it an "epic" test.  Due to work and family commitments, I had to give it an utilitarian one.
Rode to work the reverse way. 
Worked briefly (Strava calls this "resting") and headed North into a headwind.
Once I crossed Rt6 in Bristol, the scenery began to improve; not quite the bucolic byways I had originally envisioned for the weekend,  but traffic was light, and it wasn't raining.
I was feeling great, but when I got to Simsbury I knew it was time to head for home and the Q's baseball game.  But I wanted to at least get a metric in, so I figured a loop out towards Tariffville before I head over the mountain would get me to that mark.  Halfway through I realized the loop would just be gravy.
The cherry on top of that gravy was the silence.  No clicks, creaks or crunches.  J&B's house brand saves my sanity...and isn't that what bikes are for?

Happiness is a quiet bike
Thank you Simsbury Parks and Rec
CT Roubaix


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the graduate!

Todd H. said...

I can see where he gets his height from....

the original big ring said...

Are you sure he's 'your' son? Kid is a giant!