Monday, June 6, 2011

Legit: Domnarski Farm

Domnarski Farm has continually notched itself up in my book of favorite races.  Great "true" mountain bike course with rocks, roots, and climbs; all the good stuff.  Matt's a racer too; he gets it.  He knows what a mountain bike racer wants in a course, and in a prize list (Matt pays good!).  Domnarski Farm is legit.

Then there's the pond, zip-line and the horses for the families.  The racers are hardly missed while off playing in Matt's woods.  The pond is great for bike racers who don't want to wait in line for the hose while others detail their bikes ( looking at you Neal...j/k).  The water was delightfully warm.  I wonder if my  proximity to the toddlers had anything to do with the bathtub like temps?

Speaking of legit, let's talk singlespeed.  4 of the top 13 Cat1 racers were on singlespeeds (I went to 13 so I could include ME).  Not exactly the slacker burnouts just trying to be different we are sometimes made out to be.  Scott Levreault, winner of the SS, was the fastest Cat1 racer overall.  I met two milestones out there today by running sub-hour laps and cleaning the 10 Dollar Pass, yet I still only managed 3rd in the SS class.  I was actually only the 4th fastest singlespeeder, but Steve Witkus decided to beat up on the Cat1 40-49 group nabbing 3rd in that group (2nd fastest SS, 7th fastest overall).  Adam St. Germain confirmed my stalker-vision search results getting 2nd in SS and 9th fastest overall with a stoopid big gear...slightly bigger than the ridiculous gear Steve was pushing.  Scott was running the smallest gear of the 4 of us.  Sometimes internet wiseguys question the legitimacy of a singlespeed class, well okay, but I say give it a shot tough guy.

Funny story:  BC, the winner of the Cat1 40-49 caught me before the Ten Dollar Pass.  He was the perfect carrot to get me up it cleanly.  Maybe it was oxygen debt, but a little further up the course I caught him, and thought to myself, "gee Brian's going pretty slow".  Knowing he already took 2 minutes out of me I asked him if he was feeling alright.  He said yes and I passed him.  Well turns out it wasn't Brian, but one of his teammates as he finished 8 minutes ahead of me.

Mad props to Fabian for driving my ass to the race.  Dude refused to take gas money and was great conversation.  Thank Fab!


Miles E said...

Hah, that explains your "concern"! Had me questioning if I looked that bad off or what, when I should have taken it as a compliment that I was (momentarily) mistaken for BC. Nice job crushing it on the SS!

CB2 said...

The only thing I crushed was the podium shot; I'm much prettier than those two.

Alby King said...

Good show riding a "real" mountain bike race. That said - an occasional culture clash is refreshing.

charlieb in ct said...

great Fab and CB2 ..