Thursday, June 9, 2011

Since the Dollar Pass debacle  the momentum is building...

After the awesome awesomeness of yesterday, I thought I'd parlay things into a Kitchen Sink Training Loop today.   I could really use the intensity.
Things didn't start too good as I crashed 7 minutes into the ride.  Impressive scratch across my knee, and some how I must have caught the buckle on my shoe when I went down  because all of a sudden the arch of my foot was being crushed.  I stood there stunned, almost in a state of shock as I tried to collect myself.  Should I quit?
After a couple of minutes I continued on slowly, and gradually began to feel somewhat normal again.
Compared to the lushness of Nassahegan, the Res was feeling quite bony.  Just couldn't get any kind of flow going.
Maybe it was the 9*F difference in temperature as I drank two large water bottles in less than 1:20.


That was the deal breaker. When the water ran out I pulled the plug, but at least I got something in.

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