Wednesday, June 22, 2011


TJ organized a Summer Solstice kickoff ride.  His e.mail to me was enticing:
"Hope to get 3hrs ride time in."

I met Mookie and Tyson at TJ's, and the 4 of us headed North.
Everything was going pretty much how I expected; the trails out there are pretty sweet and we were enjoying the challenges

With a water fountain (but no imaginary grocery store) in the cross of the figure 8 of a loop we were riding, 3 hours should work out just fine.

But I guess TJ didn't let the other guys know about the whole 3 hour thing.
Our route discussion probably didn't really clue them in on things either; throwing around ambiguous trail names we might as well have been speaking Greek.

When we got to the Wintonbury overlook, about an hour in, Alex asked if we were at the turn around.  Having just consumed another hour's worth of calories, I explained we still had a lot of good stuff to go, and shoved off.
When we had got to Wintonbury, Mookie told us Tyson bailed; after hurting his back crashing he wasn't feeling "it" anymore.

Heading into Penwood, we had a lot of the really good climbing ahead of us.  I had my Putney gear on  so I might have been a little "rambunctious".

With Mookie was under the impression it was going to be a typical mid-week, after work affair of an hour and a half or two he fueled as such.  Consequently, when  the glycogen stores became depleted, he blew up in a spectacular fashion. 
Fortunately we were close to the road and were able to cruise back most of the way home on tarmac.
The smooth spin on pavement seemed to have a somewhat regenerative effect, as Mookie finished strong on the last bit of singletrack.

A bottle of Heed away from a great start to the Summer.


TJ said...

I may have underestimated total ride time, but great night of riding anyway (sorry Alex). Too bad we didnt document your successful single-speed ascent on the roncari climb.

Mookie said...

BLLLOOOOWN. Wow, that hurt. I can tell you that I felt worse at the end of that ride than I have on any of the D2R2s or 6 Gappers. Repeated anaerobic efforts + depleted glycogen = HURT LOCKER.

CB2 said...

Wow! That's saying something.
Let's not shatter the illusion for the two people who read this who were not actually on the ride. Let's let them believe there is no footage of my attempts because I obviously made in one try with no dabs...

Sonny said...