Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beautiful morning to commute in today.  Mid sixties, clear, and the humidity hadn't kicked in.  As I roll up to the shop, I hear my work neighbors A/C whirring away.

You need the air conditioner above 60*F?

They are fire sprinkler contractors so their employees need to drive trucks.  They  pretty much uses their trucks as single passenger cars (the other owner usually drives a  Lincoln pickup truck thing but today was in his wife's Ford Expedition).

They are nice guys.

How much does energy need to cost before the average American thinks about their consumption?
When does the sense of entitlement end?

Details on the Father's Day  ride tomorrow.


Alby King said...

I had a similar instance several years ago as the Field Supervisor for an automatic door company: "You have to drive a truck". I asked if it was possible to get a Ford Focus wagon through our fleet management company as it seemed like plenty of vehicle and it would have saved the company money. Response: "The truck is about presentation to fellow contractors.."

Mookie said...

I had to put the AC on in the lab the other day- 84.7F!

CB2 said...

I'll only run the A/C here when I'm casting and the humidity is high. It's more environmentally friendly to run the A/C than throw sinks away.