Monday, June 20, 2011

The Father's Day Ride

I wasn't sure who was actually going to show up for the Father's Day ride.   A lot of big things had happened this week.
The Harmonizer became a dad, so I wasn't sure of his availability.
Mookie had taken his girlfriend away to breakdown down her defenses enough to accept his proposal.

I just never did get a definitive head count.
For all I knew, I'd be riding solo.

Then I got an e.mail from Neal confirming departure times.

All week long the weather forecast was at best iffy.
When Neal arrived though, the sun was out and looked like it was going to stay out.
Right before Neal rolled up Alex called looking for the potty...and then there were 3.

Things were still a little slimy from Friday's rain, and it was a tad muggy, but I can't actually remember a Father's Day ride that was dry.  James can attest to this who was waiting for us at the Res.
When we rode over to Alex's car, we realized he was not parked next to a migrant farm worker's truck, but none other than BC's indestructible SR5.
Perfect size group.
There were some slick spots, as in slime like ice, but with the right momentum and body English most trouble was avoided.
We were on a good pace, not record breaking by any means, but we were shooting for all the good stuff.  With the humidity we were thankful for all the opportunities to refill our bottles.  As we swung around to head back home BC wanted to stop at one of the stores I mentioned in the hamlet of Tariffville.
Ah...what I thought was a convenience store was a closed down liquor store.


Sorry Brian.
Fortunately I had an extra Cliff Bar, and we stumbled upon a kid selling lemonade on a virtually deserted street.  It seemed just enough calories to keep BC going.

On the way back time constraints were brought up.
I was on a mission to get the ride I wanted in so I shut my stinkin trap, put my head down and kept regrouping stops to a minimum.
In the end we hit everything planned, only had to skip one "bonus section" and made it back to the lot by 1:15 PM.
Mileage was a little less than I thought it would be, but elevation gain was spot on.  We never had an actual flat but there was some topping off en route.
Not all were able to indulge in Moe's, but I believe everyone enjoyed the ride.

BC gets it done
(I replaced my incoherent babbling with a techno beat)

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Mookie said...

Dyood, you are climbing like a raped ape! Wow! I look on the bright side- at this time last year there's now way I could have kept a group like that in sight. I'm thinking that my mtb practice sessions with Em might be paying off.

Thanks again for getting the ride together. I had a great time and the burrito after absolutely hit the spot! Let's hit Nassa soon.