Thursday, June 30, 2011

I was procrastinating at work this morning and click on the stats tab on my blogger dashboard.


It seems the majority of traffic get here from Doug's blog,

or searches for Ozzy Osbourne.

I can understand getting here from another blog about riding bikes (most of the time), but you've got to be really into Ozzy to end up here.  I went to page 20 of the results and saw no mention of Charlie rides a bike.
Imagine the disappointment  when the dedicated fan of the Prince of Darkness ends up here?


Hill Junkie said...

When I got back from Italy I checked dashboard stats. Seems when you blog about famous climbs in the Alps, Euro traffic goes way up. Imagine the dissapointment when they see it's some yankee spouting off. But somebody from Germany must have spent hours going through my posts.

Anonymous said...

its your resemblence to Ozzy.