Thursday, June 16, 2011


On my creaky ride home Monday I began to think.
What is different today than yesterday?  How is it that you rode 67 miles without a peep, and today it's max creak?

Think, think, think.

Well, I'm wearing different shoes; could different cleats really make that much of a difference?

When I got home I stood on the cranks to see if I could get a creak out them.
I'm seeing the crank arms and chain stays flex, but silence.
The creak is most prevalent when I'm out of the saddle climbing.
As I'm leaning over the bike trying to replicate my climbing position I feel a little play in the front wheel; the bearings (cartridge bearings) need to be adjusted.
My old front mtb wheel went through bearings with the lunar cycle and consequently would have loose bearings, yet it never creaked.

I adjusted the bearings, and wore the same shoes as Sunday today..

No creak.
I'll have to try my other shoes to see if can completely isolate it.


eastwood said...

That sounds completely annoying and frustrating!! Hopefully the mystery will be resolved soon enough

Alby King said...

How do you plan on isolating your knees?

Anonymous said...

I had a creak that was created when the wheel was clamped on. If it wasnt perfect (and tight) it would creak. I found it was the wheel but wish I could say I did not rebuild the hub even though the the problem was simply at the quick release.