Monday, November 5, 2012

One Of Those Days

The day started with a  vicious headwind on the ride in.

Somehow it did a 180 to become a headwind for the ride home (all be it lighter).  The temperature had dropped more than I expected as well.  A little uncomfortable yet manageable.
This is just one of the compromises of life I thought.  To have this awesome job I need to save money and that means riding to work.  Most days I love that choice; today it was just one of those things.

As I pulled up to the house the cars had been shuffled.  Mrs. CB2 had decided to drive my car today as her's was out of gas, negating the saving money part of riding to work.  As I entered the house I was greeted with an insurance and prescription issue, a clogged sink, a soaked steam filled bathroom, and no hot water.

Tomorrow's another day.

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