Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Do the Double?

Okay, I'm signed up for the 3/4 race at Stratton Brook in Simsbury on Sunday, but should I sign up for the Masters 45+ on Saturday in Mansfield Hollow?
I chose the "B" race in Simsbury because Mommy and Daddy are coming out to see their only son race his bicycle, and the 12:00 PM start time is oh so convenient for all involved. Maybe not such a good idea since the last time they came to one of my races I had an air retention malfunction brought on by a nail, and the time before that I crashed and broke my plastic bike frame.
But do I go get beat up by the boys my own age on Saturday too? In this case the 10:00 AM start works out well with family pumpkin pickin' plans.
I know some guys would race a couple of races both days, but that would take away the hit and run aspect that is appealing to me about cross. I can warm up, race, hangout, and still only be out for a 3 or 4 hours.

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Mookie said...

Do the 45+ on Saturday. It'll be a nice opener for your race on Sunday.