Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbors Bike

Just when I think I'm getting some sensibility about myself James goes and buys a new bike! Well a sweet new frame that he's building up.

So clicky, clicky and I'm surfing and searching.
I can get a On-One Slot Drop Scandal delivered for $401. Or a 2008 Niner One-9 for $600.45 shipped to my door, from Wiseracer.com.

Either one of these frames would drop over a pound off my bike, and IMO, are great deals.

But other than the fact that I don't have $401, or $600.45 is dropping 7% off my bike weight and about 1% off the total Charlie / bike weight really going to make a difference?
I'm trying to keep telling myself NO, NO, NO!

These slide rule toting bastards tell me I'll gain 10 seconds over a 5k 8% climb.

But....NO,NO,NO! Must resist....put the card away... even though you can write it off...must be strong...


James said...

If you have the $ you should do it. Weight is not the only advantage. A stiffer frame should help too. Or I want my $ back.

Mark said...

I have been trolling ebay and now after reading both or your posts thinking I might just go new. Of course, I have to sell a bike to get a bike, that's my rule. Got one on the CList right now and adding another shortly after I get some fixed gear saddle time on it and get my next fixed gear built.

Sell a rig and get another! What gets me is all the sponsored racers who basically get a free bike every year and get to do what they please with the past one. If I had that type arrangement my parts bin would be filled stuff.

Mookie said...

Let's face it: We all suffer from serious bike lust. The biggest advantage far and away when lightening up your rig or getting a new one is mental. I say you only go around once. Do it.