Friday, April 9, 2010

Maximum Mojo

Hopbrook is what I consider the start of my season, and being such, I'm not taking any chances. Got my lucky red socks, drive to the race music, and St Patrick ready to help me overcome any physical short comings.
King of Burlingame was a way to clean the pipes as they say, and Root 66 is really my priority.
I've always done well in races that I've worn the red socks. First race I ever one I was wearing them. Only race I won last year I was wearing them too.
Curtis Mayfield might not seem like the ideal choice of pre-race tunes, but I find I'm amped up enough with out listening to something like this, this, or this; I need something to mellow me out.
St. Patrick? Can't hurt.


Mark said...

Good luck tomorrow. Think it's going to be sloppy down by the lake. Apparently the Corp of Engineers finally got to test the flood impoundment controls they put in place after the flood of '55.

CB2 said...

Thanks. You too. A friend was down there Thursday and it was in pretty good shape. I doubt the rain we got today is going to mess it up too much.