Monday, April 19, 2010

Bottlestand 2000

Mark @ Cycle Snack captured the brilliance of Bottlestand 2000 in action. I have taken the yet to be authorized photo sequence from his website to illustrate.

Hopefully the attorneys at Cycle Snack will not find any copyright infringement with the following sequence and sue me for the use of Bottlestand 2000.


Mark said...

More than welcome to use them, only if you do produce this commercially I only ask for free schwag and it's successful.

the original big ring said...

Nobody loves you, nobody loves you . . . pfffft, couldn't even get one person to pass you a bottle!?!?! Loser!

Ha, ha . . . just joking of course. I'm not letting my wife see that cause she'd probably leave me forever. That IS a damn good idea and the first time I've ever seen it. Coolio!


CB2 said...

My wife thinks I should get it a Minnie Pearl hat.