Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Keep on growing!

I tend to be something of a numbers geek. I'll pour over results comparing times across ages and classes for endless hours. On long drives my mind often wanders to gear ratio calculations.
As I was reviewing the results from the Root 66 race series first race, Hop Brook Dam, I made note of the size of the SS fields; they're getting bigger.
The median field size for Cat1 was 13 riders; Cat1 SS was 14.
The median for Cat2 was 13.2; Cat2 SS was 10.
This is awesome.
Last year I rode against geared riders because the size of the SS field was often too small. If you didn't get to the singletrack or the first climb at the front you were hating life.
This past weekend racing against all singlespeeders was bliss (in an anaerobic kind of way); the only time you'd get stuck behind someone sitting and spinning was when you caught a rider, and at that point they didn't really have any effect on the race.
I hope the fields keep following this trajectory.

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