Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bold Predictions

My goal for Sunday's Singlespeed-a-palooza is to finish exactly where I did last year. 20th.
"20th? Not a very lofty goal Charlie" you say.
Well if Thom didn't decide to breakout in performance art and hang his bike in a tree last year I would have been 21st. Not to mention the Pro/Expert field is 20% larger than last year, and I ain't getting any younger. Last year, 20th put me in the top 40%, so this year it would put me in the top 1/3.
About 20% of the Root 66 Pro field at Winding Trails were on singlespeeds, and yeah. they're all showing up.
The front of the field should be exciting. James has been nipping at Monte's heals this season and the start list is impressive to say the least.
Can't wait!

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