Friday, April 16, 2010

Lay it On The Line

In the spirit of singlespeed brotherhood, transparency, and altruism I had planned on reporting what my tire selection and gearing was going to be for the Winding Trails Fat Tire Classic. But then a little voice said "Charlie, what are you fooking stupid, you don't give up any home field advantage! Fooking crazy talk! This is racing we're talking about!"

"You kiss your mother with that mouth? But I guess you're right Pat" I replied.
The true spirit of sportsmanship is also contingent on who has done their homework and is best prepared. To triumph over one environment and opponents. I wouldn't want to take that away from anyone, but since I was going to lay it on the line, here's "Lay It on The Line" by Canada's own Terry Malloy, Triumph.


Mookie said...

What are you going all Cancellara on us with the lucky charm? I don't think it's going to be wet as expected, with the exception being that spot just after the bridge coming back into the woods. I could be wrong.

CB2 said...

Au contraire, mon frère; Pat's been racing with me since my Grandmother passed in 2001. In the past used as a special occasion "mojo", but now with Team Singular's special "mojo zip pocket", he can contest all affairs with me.

Mookie said...

Great French, buddy. Maybe you can pull that out as you're ripping the last lap and show it to Cycling Dirt.