Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Be Like Mike

I raced a big (for me) gear at the Fat Tire Classic. Next weekend is Singlespeed-a-palooza, which will also require a larger than average gear. Swapping to my regular trail gear just seems like such a hassle to only have to swap it back at the end of the week, so I just left the big (for me) gear on my bike.
So anywho, today I was riding at one of my usual haunts, with the big (for me) gear and it was awesome. Never did I feel over geared, and I even made all but one of the little, short but steep technical climbs.
Hmmm, maybe Monte is onto something?
I wouldn't even think of pushing Monte size gears (sorry no numbers, but there is a race coming up, just take what ever gear you think is stoopid big and go bigger and you're almost there), but once you get accustomed to the pushing the bigger gear, it becomes ordinary.
Just need to take baby steps towards the big meat.
Only question; do I have time to get used to even bigger?


Rigidnsingle said...

The only problem with the big's is that when you crack....you get the idea

the original big ring said...

Charlie, how are you finding the Crest rims? Building up a second set of tubeless, thinking of using the Crest. Been told maybe not a great idea on a rigid ss - easy to ding rim and if that happens they apparently useless. Thoughts? e-mail me: