Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good and bad about numbers

The good thing about being anal retentive about cycling data is I know that I shattered my record for Pennwood tonight . My average ride time for Pennwood is about 1:20 . Today I did it in under 1:15.
While I'm psyched I'm riding faster, the conditions were ideal but they've been this good before, I'm a little bummed that what was once a hour and a half of riding is only 1 and a quarter now.
I guess I could go back out for a little more out and back, but once you're back at the truck, you kind of loose motivation to ride back and forth just to meet some preconceived number.
Since Hop Brook Dam(n), my right shin has been all tingly to the touch. It doesn't hurt or interfere with riding, but is peculiar.

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