Thursday, July 16, 2009

"What's It Weigh?"

I've been getting that question a lot lately. Mostly at races from geared riders. They are astounded by how "heavy" it is. Conversely, singlespeed riders usually think the weight is on the lighter side.

I'm not above weight weenie-ism; I have a little fishing scale in my shop that I'll weigh tires and other parts on. I'd say more out of curiosity than anything else. If a products works well, and is heavier so be it. However if something is lighter and works as well, I'll probably go with option "B". If I end up having to walk my bike 5 miles out of the woods because option "B" wasn't up to the task, then that weight savings really wasn't too helpful.

I know weight makes some difference, but how much? My Cannondale weighs 16 lbs., whereas my Univega weighs 20 lbs. Riding the Cannondale, it definitely "feels" lighter. It's "feels" like it accelerates faster, and is quicker handling. But when I check my ride averages, I'm no faster than on the Univega, even on routes with a lot of climbing.

Which would I choose for a hillclimb? The Cannondale, no doubt.

So what does it weigh?

My Karate Monkey has been as low as 21.75 lbs with linear pull brakes and sub 600 gram Ignitors. It's been close to 25 lbs with rigid steel fork, BB7 disc brakes, and Nevegals. With disc brakes and the rigid carbon fork, hovers around 22 lbs with the right tires. Right now with Conti Race Kings, and a Rockshox Reba it's 23.8 lbs.

The only time I really notice the difference from its heaviest to lightest is carrying it up the stairs out of the basement.

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