Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Decision Decisions

What tires should I race Domnarski Farm on?

Last year it was pretty sloppy, and I rode my Stumpjumper on Kenda Karmas. Wasn't my best race, got sent to bitch school, but I calk it up to being out of racing for a year and having commuter legs.

It was pretty sloppy at Putney and I ran Conti Race Kings. They performed well above how you'd guess by looking at the shallow tread, but there was some slipping on the climbs and maybe a little less confidence in the corners.

So my choices are Nevegals front and rear, Nevegal (f) / Ignitor (r), Ignitors (f&r), or stick with the Race Kings.

I leaning towards going Ignitors all around; they perform well for me in all conditions. But the idea of having something a little more gnarl up front has some appeal.

What do you think?


MMcG said...

Ignitors for the podium spot baby!

James said...

The ignitors at putney worked okay. I found them slipping on the climbs. I would turn the ignitor around for the rear. Foley runs mud x tires and they seem to do the trick. My guess is that you would want traction for all of this mud and remember those wicked rough downhill sections. My vote is for the navies. Front and rear.

CB2 said...

All I remember is washing my bike and self in the pond...must have blocked the rest of it out...

Rigidnsingle said...

I'd probably run the nevagal in the front and the ignitor in the rear, That place was nasty last year and I can't imagine it being any better this time. Just dont run xdx they have zero grip on wet rock.

James said...

I second the nevagal front and ignitor rear. What's your gear?
Good luck! Bold is going to be at Fitchburg so I hope to see some pictures of you on the podium again. I don't think Hines can ever show his face in the 40+ group again. If he does he should be flagged. You've got this one in the bag!