Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I was going to write about the perfect weather I had for my ride today, but decided to jump on the band wagon instead.


As Dave Stoller found out; everybody cheats.
You do (admit it) and I do.

It might seem harmless, but never the less, there is something you do that someone considers cheating.

As an example:  The geriatric who buzzes you in her Mercedes with Florida plates is a cheater.  She registers her car in Florida because taxes are lower, although her primary residence is Connecticut.  She is cheating her town and state out of funds needed for operations, maintenance and repair.

Harmless?  She pays enough taxes as it is?

Think about her next time you hit a pot hole.

But as a wise sage once said (Woody from Cheers).

"That's between him (or this case her) and Satan"

Live your life.  Do good.  Don't worry about shit you can't change.  You can think something is wrong and disagree with it without letting it occupy your existence.

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