Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Can't We All Just Get Along? (maybe)

On the ride home this evening, coming up to a light, the last light on my way home, I extended my left arm to signal my turn...and I'm buzzed by a BMW X3.

Seeing as it is a BMW, I'm assuming the guy must be a prick, I mean what kind of arrogant fook would drive a Bimmer?

But it turns red and he's stuck at the light.  Since I'm turning left I roll up next to him and give him the WTF DOOD shrug.

He rolls down his window and says "You need to signal earlier, by the time you stuck your arm out I was already on top of you".

Now I could have said "Maybe if you were driving the speed limit, you'd have time to react!!!"

Instead, I said "You need to be more aware of cyclists and I'll try and signal earlier".

We both nodded and agreed and wished each other a pleasant evening.

In parting I remarked "almost home from work".

"Work!?"  He exclaimed.  "You're riding home from work?!"

"Yes" I replied.

"Well you definitely do have a good evening then!!!"

I think I will.


Bill said...

Short and sweet, good stuff

Anonymous said...

Great blog, but why the hate towards BMW drivers? They arent ALL pricks.

CB2 said...

We have a BMW

RossC said...