Friday, August 10, 2012

Training Experiment

Since I may or may not have two races left this year this might be totally irrelevant but...

There is a theory that doing two workouts a day may reap greater benefits than one long one with the same intensity.  The key is recovery.

You want do your workout, refuel, and rest.  So you'll be doing the same "work" but getting a greater amount of recovery.

On Tuesday at work, in my haste to enter a work order into the computer I neglected to do a couple simple tasks to make the repair complete.  Not wanting to leave this to my coworkers I decided to ride into work to take care of it first thing on Wednesday (my day off).  But I had a mtb ride planned with James for the afternoon.

Perfect opportunity to test the theory.

How'd it go?


I got to ride my bike twice in one day and have an excuse to lay around napping and watching Olympic Beach Volleyball all afternoon while I waited for ride number 2.

Will I see significant gains from this.


For one, neither workout had much intensity, and two, you'd need to do this type of workout consistently, ie more than once before you could measure any gains or losses (duh).
I did feel pretty good on the ride home from work last night.

But there was the napping; ah, the napping...

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dougyfresh said...

I don't nap or sleep as much as I should. Some say I'm taking a cue from T-Hom. I just think its not enough
and thats why I'm always tired lately.

Need to sleep. I used to rest a lot and get great on the bike. Mow I rest less and feel so-so on the bike.