Monday, August 6, 2012

Work on Sunday

Benidorm Bikes is open from 12 PM to 4 PM on Sundays.
This shift seems somewhat ideal to me in that it gives you plenty of time to get in a morning ride before work.
But then there is the conundrum of not wanting to drive to work.

Oh sure, I could go for a long road ride ending at the shop, but what if I want to do a mtb ride?

I heard of this wonderful new bicycle innovation called the derailleur...

I geared up Blu.2 as a HT 1x8 (I'm really starting to dig suspension forks!) and headed out on a TdT.

5 miles in a fly flew into my ear and bit me.

Mothra Fooker!

It's in there squirming around, I can't get my gloved finger in there to get it out, finally resorting to flooding my ear canal with my water bottle (good thing I wasn't drinking  sports drink).

The rest of the ride was uneventful other than a stop at Rosedale Farm to get a cookie and some water.

I got to work almost an hour early, so maybe next time I'll cross the river or hit more stuff at the res on my way out?

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Darren's forecast had me optimistic for the ride home.

But I guess the storm was in a hurry.  Spotty downpours came through in waves as the afternoon progressed.
As Doug was closing out the register, and the rest of the staff had left the rain poured down harder and harder.  I tried to convince myself it would let up any second.

Finally I braced myself for the inevitability that I was in for a soaking and began the ride home.

Then the lightning started.

I pulled in under a drive-through overhang to wait it out.
It seemed as the lightning was now East of me so I started my trek home again.

It began raining harder.
Was I catching the storm?

On the bike path and Avon Old Farms Rd It was raining so hard it hurt.

Miraculously, as I turned onto Waterville Rd it all but stopped.

Wet, but in one piece.

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