Thursday, August 2, 2012

At The Shop

I started working at Benidorm Bikes last week.  I love it.  I've been mostly doing repairs, but I believe I'll be spending more time upstairs.  I want to be whatever is needed.

A couple interesting things happened yesterday.  First a customer brought us all coffee.  Starbuck's coffee.  Timing was perfect and everyone was psyched.

The second interesting thing was a bike Colin worked on. It was a Kestrel Airfoil.  The customer claimed it was ten years old.  It looked older.  She dropped it off about 3 PM.

The rear brake wasn't working.

After replacing the internally routed housing and cable, Colin discovered the problem was the mounting was all corroded.  The frame might be covered under some warranty replacement or Colin cold try and fabricate/modify to get the bike ready for her upcoming race.  After the upstairs staff explained this to her, she came down to hear it from Colin.  He then heard her fiscal life story plus the trials and tribulations of being a triathlete.

She went upstairs...and started crying.

Colin was told to do whatever he could to get her up and running.  He did.  The repair was solid, and invisible.

She came back downstairs to get Colin's gold seal of approval that the bike was safe.  He was honest.  The frame was safe for the moment, but he couldn't give her any kind of guarantee and said it would need to be replaced sometime probably sooner than later.

When I left for the evening at 6:15 PM She was upstairs explaining to Doug the efforts one puts forth when racing.

Cycle therapy?


Syl said...

Congrats on the shop job! The shop should invest in a "Freudian" couch and charge extra for the therapeutic services! It wouldn't really be a bad idea to offer performance enhancing therapy through the shop! I know a great therapist who could offer that ;-)

MMcG said...

Congrats on the new job Charlie.

Are you riding to and from?