Saturday, September 1, 2012

Maybe it's the Moon?

Things have been a little wacky.

At the shop, customers have been extra chatty.  Bikes are awesome, I get that. I'm psyched for your love and enthusiasm of them.  I just don't think the guy behind you in line is as excited about you telling me about how  much more prepared you are for a flat than your buddy is/was.

Unfortunately there was a little ugliness too.

What a guy thought was going to be a $25 repair had turned into a $1k repair.  To top it all off he came to pick it up before it was even test rode (mis-communication on our part after he had called 3 times in less than 2 hours).

Did you know Dura Ace 7900 front shifters are not compatible with 7700 front derailleurs?
Neither did we.
(up to 1.1K)

He's not happy.  He's falling down a hole made by progress and who knew the rope to get out of it was so expensive or long in coming.

I just hope it's not too long...


Jonathan-a.k.a Johnny said...

1.1K? You can buy a Dura Ace groupset for that price.

CB2 said...

The shifters were $650. There is $160 of tires and $20 of bar tape in there too.
You got me curious though Johnny, so I did a little googling. Most 7900 groups were closer to 2K. But one online retailer from Australia had it for under $800?!