Thursday, September 6, 2012

Deep Thoughts

I'm not going to race the singlespeed class anymore.  That's not to say I won't race a singlespeed, just not in a class defined as such.

Whelp, the 3 races I did in my age group this year were a lot more fun than the races I did in the SS class.  The SS class has strong fields, but lacks the depth that the Cat1 40-49 has.  It's much more challenging and fun to race a field of 30+ guys, than only a 1/3 of that.

I'm thinking about trying to race a bike with multiple gears sometimes too.
Blaspheme you say!

Maybe.  Some courses, such as Hodges or Winding Trails, I think I'd do better with choices; I'm just not strong enough to push the big gear, or spinny enough to make a smaller gear work at flatter venues.

On hillier courses I still think the SS will be the bike of choice.

I think.


Jez Andrews said...

At least you have a single speed class to race in. I'm still fighting with organisers to create one!

finn maguire said...

"On hillier courses I still think the SS will be the bike of choice."
Spoken like a true single speeder!
Good luck!

dougyfresh said...

Now you see the light!

(getting out of the singlespeed class that is).

Didn't you learn from James about the derailleur thingie?

Someday I'll write on my blog again too. Someday...