Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I don't race to win stuff, but I do love winning it. If you say you don't like to win stuff, I'd say you're a liar. Now that I got the name calling out of the way I'm actually going somewhere with this.
I wouldn't mind seeing all the stuff that us grownups who really don't need it (I did really need the backpack I won at Hodges, but that's another story) rounded up and spread amongst the juniors.
Imagine prizes going 5, maybe 10 deep for all junior categories? If all the grownups just excepted a medal, and a hand shake. Hell, even a job well done certificate printed on recycled paper, just think of all the booty the juniors could haul home.
And then they might tell their friends how they won all this cool shit riding their bikes, and maybe their friends might want to try it.
Once they see how fun it is, maybe they'll stick around and keep on racing when they are grownups just for the satisfaction of doing their best?
Just a thought.

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Manicmtbr said...

I would be all for that too. We try and go deep in all of the Jr races I help out with. It is rare that I win something, but the last thing I won was a pair of grips that have been in my basement since the end of last season. Not doing me any good there. I won a helmet this year and use that to commute with (IE, it is not smelly!), but it would have been better for me to give that to a jr. I have seen other races allow jrs the first pick of prizes too.

I have found out that companies are more likely to give prizes if they know they are going to the jr's though.