Thursday, August 12, 2010

All I Wanted Was a Handlebar...

The alloy bar on the Karate Monkey wasn't showing me any love so I thought I'd replace it with a carbon one.
Being the cheapskate I am, I scoured the closeouts and sales for a bar that would not only fit my old school 25.4 stem, but would put my hands in the same place as my current bar.
Found it.
But the problem with scouring interweb for bargains on things you want or need is you find things you didn't even know you wanted before you have the good sense to log off.
Hayes Stroker Gram hydraulic disc brakes for example.
I love me some BB7's. Liked them way more than Juicy 5's
But when they're just about giving away light weight hydraulic disc brakes, what was I supposed to do? About the easiest brakes I have ever set up. Ever.
They work too (but in fairness, a rusty u brake would work on the dry trails we have right now).
Sure, I could save for the fork I really really want, but, I can buy these now!
Besides, I'm getting used to the Reba, and I don't know if I really want to go down the HT route with the Singular; it's fork handles so nice.
Mary Jane is on the super model side of 23 lbs now.
Not bad for a heavy bargain steel frame.


Mookie said...

Shoulda asked me. I have an extra 31.8 Monkey Lite laying around.

CB2 said...

All my stems are 25.4, because I am very old.

Todd H. said...

So you like the hayes brakes? I've been eyeing those as a replacement for my BB7's...
Never really like the Avid Hydro's I always used...