Friday, August 27, 2010

"I am to be the fastest"... what Quinny said as he dropped the hammer on his older sister, pedaling away from her in his second to largest gear.

If I rode up along side him he'd put his head down and surge forward.

If a climb would thwart his progress, he'd get off and run.
surveying the carnage of his "attack"

Martha's Vineyard is really more fun on a road bike, but I've carved out a nice 6+ mile training loop in the state forest.
The singletrack is more wiggly than twisty, and when you come out to the open sandy fireroads that cross the the forest, you're greeted to a headwind to keep you on your game.
Although close to zero elevation gain the wiggles and wind made a 53" gear a little faster than a 56"


Bonnie said...

Love this post. Good for Quinn, Sounds a lot like his dad!

Fat Chance said...

Speaking of fast folks....
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