Saturday, August 21, 2010

Karma, you bitch

Thursday night was awesome.
My new suspension fork was working out nicely and I found two bottles on the trail. Not just ordinary bottles, but one was one of those fancy Camelbak bottles all the kids are talking about.
Everytime I came across other riders, I'd stop and ask if they had lost a bottle. Everytime the answer came back "No"!
You can never have enough bottles.
Yesterday as I was rolling out I reflected on how everytime I loose a mini pump on the trail, it is quickly replaced by another found on the trail. The woods are like a pump exchange. Loose a pump, don't worry, one will come your way soon enough.
Well as my suspension fork was working so well smoothing out the trail in front of me, I slammed my rear tire into a rock and flatted.
"Better today than Sunday" I thought, as I considered a beefier tire to race on.
The cuts were too big for Stan's to work it's magic, so I threw my spare tube in and started pumping (with a wonderful pump I found on the trail)...and pumping and pumping.
Shazbot! My tube has a hole in it!
"Better today than Sunday" again came to mind as I began the 3 mile walk back to the truck.
But then a group of cyclist stopped and offered assistance. At first they thought their puny 26" tubes would be of no use to me, but I reassured them of it's doability.
After copious thank-yous I was again on my way, still cutting my ride short and heading back to the truck before my luck ran out.
Which happened after 1.29 miles when I flatted again.
Should I have left the bottles?
Placed an add on Craig's List for found bottles?
Hope that's all out of my system for Sunday.

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