Friday, August 13, 2010

Kinda bummed

This weekend I'm going to VT to race the Millstone Grind.
I'm going all pro and driving up the day before to check out the course and spending the night in a motel.
Sound pretty cool, right?
Well it would be the perfect family get away, but my family already got away! They began their 2+weeks on MV yesterday.
I'm also going to race my Karate Monkey.
Don't get me wrong, Mary Jane is a fine bike, but I'd rather be on my Singular.
But I came to the realization that I'm just not up to rigid yet.
Over the past couple of weeks when out training, I was beginning to feel my regular loops were too rough for significant training value. I felt I was spending too much time gingerly picking lines through the rocks, instead of hammering.
Riding those same loops with the suspension fork showed me it wasn't the trail, it was me.
Same thing happened at Hodges Village; the last lap I was pussyfooting through the rocks to avoid the inevitable agony. I tried to man-up through it, but on a subconscious level, I think my brain was sending out self-preservation signals.
Instead of feeling like Sayid showed me a special Republic Guard handshake for a few hours and the fatigue that entails, I decided to suck it up and let Reba suck it up for me.
If that doesn't net me some improvement in my late race performance...

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