Monday, August 9, 2010

Flawed Test Numero Tres

After the beating I took on Saturday, I decided to try something different today, well not really different, but revisiting the past.
I went back to Mary Jane, but with a smaller gear.
I knocked 2+ minutes off my previous best riding a hardtail, with a 5o.4" gear (as opposed to a rigid with a 53").
Other than the suspension fork, and the smaller gear, I ran the Maxxis Ignitor (f), Aspen (r) combo pack. Weather was warm and humid, but honestly I've become accustomed to the heat and humidity, so it can't really be considered a factor (so accustomed I might have created more work for myself by not running the a/c in the shop today). I used a hydration pack so I wouldn't have to try and drink with my left hand, and to hopefully give my right as much of a break as possible.

I think the smaller gear and the squishy fork worked in concert with one another to be faster. The smaller gear kept me seated or low, hovering just off the saddle, so the fork wasn't pogo-ing all about. Staying seated I could lay down the power (okay stop laughing now), while the fork did it's job soaking up the rough stuff. Curiously, although my thumb was inoperable and numb for 5 or 10 minutes after the ride it didn't feel any worse riding than it did all day, and actually feels the best it has all day right now, about an hour since finishing my ride.

I think if I'm going to race or ride offroad I'm going to need the fork for awhile.
Unfortunately the suspension fork I own doesn't fit my Singular, and I'm not in the position to buy a new fork, especially not the one I really want.


Mookie said...

Got the Garmin 500 for my b-day from the lovely Emily. Nice unit. I'm hoping I can spring for a Powertap late fall/early winter.

CB2 said...

Was there a problem with your 305? Or are you just looking for a Garmin that is compatible with a Powertap?

Mookie said...

It was starting to get a little fickle- I've had to reset it quite a bit in the last 6 months and rather than have it go down and have no metrics (perish the thought) I figured I'd pick up the 500. Plus the Powertap will make me even more of a number slave.

You going to VT this weekend?

CB2 said...

I like the triple data screens of the 500 better than the double of the 305.
The 305 seems more accurate in the woods than the 500, the two ride links in the blog post were recorded with the different units and the 305 recorded almost a mile more over the same course. Also you can check your data like vertical mid ride.
But I think the 500 probably has that pesky shut off problem fixed (so I better start using it offroad all the time!)

I think I'm going up to VT on Saturday. Kim and the kids will be on MV and my family will be on Nantucket, so might as well.

Mookie said...

I'll probably dedicate the 305 for off-road use.

CB2 said...

vice-versa my friend.
I think although the 305 is more accurate, the pounding offroad is just the kind of thing to loosen the battery contacts from the circuit board of the 305. After my last post I went down and swapped the mount on my KM, so I'm 500 on all my mtbs, and 305 on my road bikes. When you get your 500 send your 305 back if it's under warranty; if not there are instructions on how to permanently fix the shut off problem here:

Next time my 305 acts up, I'm going to give it a try.

Rigidnsingle said...

Believe it or not the squishy gave me the most trouble on Saturday...
It'll take the most getting used to...