Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A little stiff and sore, but Dr. Somogyi says I should try and be "active".


Hill Junkie said...

I'm envious. I still have at least three weeks to go before mine stays off for good. Just starting to learn how to use my ankle again. From scratch. Had my first PT session last night and I was rather horrified at my ankle's complete inability to respond to commands from my brain. Phase-II of my recovery will take many weeks.

MMcG said...

wooohooo - gonna give those metro bars a shot now that your cast is off?

the original big ring said...

stinky pasty white pale hand . . . lovely. Have broken my right hand twice - not fun. Congrats to it being off!

CB2 said...

I thought I could get away with a standard bar, but no cigar.
I'll have to try the "Metro" and see if it's any better.