Sunday, June 13, 2010

Metric Interupted

Rode a little more than a metric today, but I took a break in the middle of it...a break if you call buffing sinks, and grinding samples a break.

Had an equipment break through too. Turns out the bars on the Sunday Princess are the most comfortable for a person in my "condition".
Shifting is somewhat awkward still; I have to employ an "under / over" technique.
For shifting to smaller cogs I have to shift from the top, as my cast won't let me have access to the button in the drops.

But, I can shift to bigger cogs from the drops (where I'd rather be), and from the hoods my cast makes shifting from the top uncomfortable.
Fortunately for me Rosedale Farm in East Weatogue has started making wine. The Farmington Valley used to be tobacco country, the few surviving farms have had to be creative with their crops as it is hard to compete with the world wide produce machine in such a season climate. Connecticut is still a dry state on Sundays, but vineyards can sell sell wine on Sundays. East Weatogue is far enough from Massachusetts to make it worthwhile to open on Sundays.
What does this have to do with me?
Well, since their open, they might as well sell cyclists ridiculously large oatmeal raisin cookies so they can take the really long way home from work.
Devoured half of it there, thinking "this thing is huge I'll never finish it", only to polish it off about 7 miles later.
It was good.
Things with my hand seem to be moving along; hopefully my MRI will confirm this. Strength seems to be improving, and other than some swelling, and numbness, today was pain free on the Princess. Something I can't say about the last couple days on the Fun Machine.

The weather is right for it and I'm going to enjoy decadence of commuting on my racing bike.

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