Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell

I went to the UCONN Medical Arts and Research building with this big awkward temporary cast thing

and left with this much more manageable "mini" cast.
Kind of looks like a bicycle glove.
I bet I can ride a bike with it!
I didn't have a bicycle handy, but it'll work on a moto...

True, I never actually asked my Doctor if I could ride a bike, but she never said I couldn't. The casting technician did ask me if I was going to ride, and I did reply honestly "as soon as I can".
Road bike should be no problem. Well actually the Sunday Princess will be a problem, but the Fun Machine should be good to go. If I "need" to ride a geared road bike I can put a barcon on in friction mode and use one of my Campy wheels (either the Sunday Princess, or the Fun Machine) .
Maybe Domnarski is still a possibility...


Hill Junkie said...

So what was the prognosis?

CB2 said...

The break is too small to pin, and we won't know about the ligaments until the MRI, but I'm pretty optimistic, as was my DR. There really isn't pain bending the thumb in the direction that would suggest more significant damage.
Work was mostly easier with the small cast; some fine motor things like writing were tough.
I'm going to try riding tomorrow. BUT I'm not going to take any chances.

the original big ring said...

yowza . . . heal up!