Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not Yet

Getting my cast off after only 3.5 weeks was terribly exciting. So much so that I prepped my Singular for hopefully my return to the trails.
I put an Ergon grip on the right side as in the basement that seemed more comfortable than a conventional grip. I also installed a huge Maxxis Ardent 2.4 on the front. At 20 psi, it still felt pretty firm. I lowered it until it felt a little squishy, but without risking bottoming.
Leaving the house this morning, the weather seemed perfect for commuting...too perfect.
At work, I was loving the mobility of cast-free-atude. But without the fiberglass support, the joint is still "tender". Weak is an another term that comes to mind. Lifting things like a pint of water, while much improved in the past few weeks is still difficult. Squeezing a bottle, whether water or catalyst remains a left handed operation.
But gripping the handle of a tool is pretty much pain free.
I was hoping the later would transfer to the mountain bike.
At first I thought it was going to be a success. The ergon was not ideal as my thumb is 1.5 time larger than usual, and I couldn't really get comfortable. I think a standard grip will work much better. But otherwise climbing up to the ridge was going well. If I could get comfortable, this might work.
Maybe racing on Sunday?
First time the trail turned downhill that illusion was shattered. I let some more air out of the tire, but still the vibrations that got to the bar were jarring.
Within 5 minutes I was heading for the trail head.
The fracture was/is minor, but the game keeper's thumb is still going to take some time.

Well, on the positive side, riding home from work without a cast was pure bliss yesterday. The lack of support, and resulting soreness were well worth being able to grasp the bars normally.
For that I am truly thankful.


Mookie said...

Aw man, I was hoping you'd be able to do Putney. The bright side is at least you're able to get road miles in. Heal up, buddy!

CB2 said...

That was my hope too, but oh well.
You are going to win West Hill.