Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Singular Sock Contest!

On Sunday I was able to activate my electric toothbrush with my injured thumb. Later that day, for a while at least if I concentrate, concentrate, concentrate, concentrate, echo, echo, echo, hello, hello, hello, now batting clean up for the Boston Red Sox, Charlie B...
Oops, where was I, oh yeah, if I concentrated I could activate the thumb shifter on my road bike from the drops. This only lasted about 40 minutes, and I really had to think about what I was doing to make it happen, but I was excited.
So to commemorate this auspicious occasion I thought I'd have a little contest.

Marty at The Prairie Peddler sent me a pair of Singular socks. Marty made the mistake of thinking just because I ride a grown-up size bike I would have grown up sized feet. I don't. So up for grabs is a beautifully stylish pair of Sock Guy Singular socks in size L/XL.

But here's the rub; you need to have the correct answer to the following:
What kind of hub and rim are on the rear of my Cannondale?
I want specifics.

They are Campagnolo, the hub was made in the time right before carbon became the material du jour. The rim in some ways commemorates Fabio Casartelli.
If you asked me I just made this real fucking easy.

Post your answer here, or better yet e.mail it to me at charlieridesabike at gmail dot com so you can include your mailing address.
First correct answer wins.
Please have big feet.


Sam said...

Can I play? :-)

Sorry about that - I ordered way too many L/XL and not enough S/M...

Glad to hear the cast is off and you are on the mend Charlie.



CB2 said...

Sam if you can answer correctly, I have a "special" pair of Surly socks broken in just for you.

jay2179 said...

Those hubs are definitely Campy Barcelona, where Fabio Casartelli won the olympics RR in 1992.

The hub, now that's the tough one. Could be Record through Athena, they shared the same shape. Gonna hedge my bets and say it's Chorus.

Would really love a pair of those sweet singular socks!

CB2 said...

There is a distinguishing feature visible in the photo of the hub, and I'm looking for the exact model. Another clue: If a manufacturer used any of this material in their product, they'd point it out in the name.

Brian Plouffe said...

Campy Barcelona hub, Campy Record Titanium hub

Brian Plouffe said...

Ooops, Barcelona rim, Record Ti Hub

CB2 said...

No more calls, we have a winner!
Congratulations Brian!