Thursday, May 27, 2010

Super Fun Good Time Bike Ride

A while back I was throwing around the idea of an Outlaw Bike Race. Then I was thinking about maybe doing a micro-charity bike ride on a similar course. Then a butt-load of money was awarded to someone who admitted they were at fault while riding a bike.
All bets are off.
You think I'm going to chance one of you idiots scraping your knee and trying to sue me for The Fun Machine?
No freaking way.
What I am going to do is go for a bike ride.
I usually ride the ridge out to the chimney in Tarrifville on Father's Day. Usually James joins me...and usually it rains.
But Since there a road race in CT, and a mtb race in NY on Father's Day, I decided the Father's Day ride is now June 13th.
That weekend is Celebrate (the fleecing) of West Hartford too. So after the ride we can go down and eat lots of salty, fatty, but oh so delicious food, and ride the rides until we puke. Or just go to Mo's for some SW style.
One idea I had was to have a meet at Mo's time, say like 3:00 PM. You can start the ride when ever you want and do as much of it as you like, and don't have to worry about what pace you need to ride, just be back at Mo's at the designated time for the face stuffing.
If you are not familiar with the route, I can get you a GPS, and a cue sheet.
Thoughts and a show of hands would be appreciated.

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Mookie said...

I'm off that day. Sounds like a plan.