Saturday, May 8, 2010


In honor of the Giro I rode my Sunday Princess today. It was the first time I rode a geared road bike since August. First time with gears period since October (I went through a little "experimental" stage back then).
Also in honor of the Giro starting in Amsterdam, the weather was all kinds of crazy. It was raining on and off all morning. When it finally cleared the heat rose, and the humidity shot through the roof. Then the wind started. It was one of those day when you don't feel like you have a tail wind on the way out, but you know it's going to be worse on the way home.
The gears were good, but I have a hard time utilizing them to their fullest though. I get stuck between wanting to stand on every climb, like on the fixed gear, or the singlespeed, and feeling like I'm going nowhere spinning like an idiot.
Guess I should ride gears more than 7 times a year. Or not.
But anyways, on the way home the wind was getting stronger, and more and more against me. The gears let me stay low and in the drops, and not loose too much time on the way home. I only had to stand on some of the steeper rollers on Duncaster and Mountain road. The rest I was able to ride like a rouleur.
Here's my little ride.

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