Thursday, May 13, 2010

Glochester Grind Decision

I'm thinking of doing the EFTA Glochester Grind on Sunday. I usually race the Root 66 series, but this race is sort of too close to home to pass up (and it's not on Mother's Day).
Question is what class should I race?

Perusing the start list showed me two names that beat me at the EFTA King of Burlingame TT. But they are signed up in two different classes. Alec Petro who thrashed me soundly is racing the the Expert Vet II, and Bo Fuller who beat me by one spot is racing the Singlespeed Open.
I've been racing the Root 66 CAT1 Singlespeed Open and it's been great. Tight competitions, and good field sizes; some of the largest fields of all the categories. But it's CAT1. Is the EFTA SS Open really open? Will I be racing against Novice and Sport riders as well as Experts? If so that doesn't sound too cool.

I can go back to what I did last year and race SS against the geared riders my own age.
Looking at last year's results, I recognize some of the guys I was racing against last year.

The SS Open Winner would have been competitive in the Vet classes, but there is quite a spread time-wise in the class, but that can happen in any class for all sorts of reasons.
I guess will know on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday....

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