Monday, May 3, 2010

A Little Welcome to May Smack Talk

In the name of reliability my Swift has put on a little weight. About .6 lbs.
But now I know my brakes will work, and my feet will stay clipped into my pedals.
I can trim a few grams with lighter tires, but the Conti Race Kings roll so nice, unless it's real sloppy, I think they're staying (Possibly give Crossmark f&r a try).
Oh, yeah, so anyways my bike has gained less than a pound, but I've lost 3 lbs and now down in the "race weight zone". I wonder what would happen if I actually thought about lowering my caloric intake, to I don't know, below 3000 calories? Oh yeah, and from now until August the races get hillier and hillier.
I can't wait for Winsted!

You can tell from the fooked up old man feet that no stunt double has been weighed


Todd H. said...

I'll be there at Winsted too! Still no idea what class though...

Mookie said...

You can take your hand off the counter now...

the original big ring said...

oh-my-gwad . . . 137 lbs . . . i have morning bowel movements heavier than that.

Big Bikes said...

137 damn. I've got about 40 Lbs. on you right now. I think I'd rather fight you than race you on a bike.

Unless of course you know how to fight; then I don't want to fight you.

But a hot dog eating contest? You'd be toast.